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  • AlphaBet(100) 372%
  • Amazon(155) 163%
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  • Amazon(155) 89%
  • Nvidia(120) 22%
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Welcoming & Putting Club Members First since 2020…

For the Last 4 years, we’ve been building Our Global Investors Club Platform, Club & Facilities with a commitment to assisting “Our Global Investors Club Members” to becoming part of a Club of people wanting to improve each of their own lives & simultaneously together with other, Global Investors Club Members & their Families.


The Club has Licensed the Straddle Investments Technology for Club use as a new Options Information platform that does not impose any fees or trades. A Global Investors Club Member can learn and earn simultaneously with Our Club Platform, Straddle. Our platform is Licensed to the “Global Investors Club” to provide multiple high value Information cases free of Charge to make your investment journey easier.
Global Investors Club provides an opportunity to directly replicate portfolios and investments of Club Members. Margin trading, short sells, sophisticated data feeds, and certain tiny fees levied by suppliers directly to the Club are the only costs the club is likely to encounter at The Global Investors Club, regardless of where on the Globe you trade, you will be able to get all the information without paying anything (other than your Monthly or Annual Club Membership Fees) provided you are engaged in regular options trading activity of your own accord using all your own Personal advice, professional advisors & their facilities.
For the most active Club Member Investors, Straddle Investment Licensed Platform Displays & provides online, mobile, and desktop platforms Data. If you trade frequently, the time savings you'll receive from The Straddle Investments Global Platform should be enough to justify your Joining Our Global Investors Club Network Globally.

Best For Reviewing the Following

* Active Options Reviews.
* Passive Options Reviews.
* Low Profile Options Reviews.
* Simultaneous Stock Reviews.
* Monitor & Review Active Global Club Members Selected Option Investments.

Why choose Global Investors Club & Straddle Technologies.

Straddle provides a wide range of no cost amenities to All Club Members Including….
• Wide Range of Options Instruments.
• Unparalleled Global Club Member Conditions.
• Globally Available Information.
• Commitment to Options Calls, Puts & Straddles.
• Regular Club Members Shared Information & in the Future Club Promotional Activities.